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We recently launched a resources section on our website! And we have a lot of plans for this! One of you lovely readers suggested we add a list of where to get basics in a range of skin colours.

So click here to see the companies we have found so far, but it is by no means comprehensive. A lot don’t sell a full range or don’t sell globally. I will say here and now that this site is run by two white women so we are by no means the authority on this, and I am writing this article to acknowledge the incredible discrepancies and ask for help.

Where do you get your basics from for a diverse cast?

Or are you a maker who has a business set up around this?

[And honestly if you are looking for a business idea right now can I recommend starting this up in England? It is sorely needed]

Or are you a maker that specialises in leotards/bras/show underwear etc and could make bespoke items?


We will add you to the list!

So far the suppliers we have found are

·       Marks and Spencer

·       Capezio

·       Nubian Skin

·       Naja

·       Kahmune

·       Asos

·       Freed

·       Tru-colour

Click here for details

It is a short list, please help us to expand it!

Please comment on our socials or email us at with any and all advice.


Thank you!!

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