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We often see people online asking for advice about what to charge. How much should I say for this? How much do I charge an hour?

And because there are so many variables in the costume and wardrobe world, it is difficult to give an simple answer. It's not something that is taught and also people don't like talking about money so how do you find an answer?

There are several factors you need to consider

1. Start with the minimum living wage (London living wage is more). It's illegal to be paid less.

25+ £8.72 

21-24 £8.20

18-20 £6.45

2. Consider the value of the job, and the skill and experience needed to complete the it. Do you need specialist knowledge?

3. Qualifications/ Education. If you have invested time and money into your business (you) that should be reflected in your prices. 

4. What is your client willing to pay? Have you built up a good relationship? Do you have high profile reviews or endorsements?

5. Location. If your basic living costs are higher, your prices should reflect that. 

6. Turnaround time. Have you been asked to do something last minute? Will you have to work around the clock to delivery a massive project? Increase your prices to reflect this inconvenience. 

Last piece of advice; arrange the price before you agree to the job. And remember, you are just like any other business, so negotiations are normal. Aim high and see what they come back with. Be confident, never apologetic or hesitant, when submitting a quote. 

Also because we know the frustration of having a question, then reading an article online and not being given a simple straightforward answer. Here's one. We've made up a simple formula to calculate a rough hourly rate for a straightforward job. There is no scientific or expert logic behind it, but it will give you a starting point

Start with minimum wage (£8.72)

Add between £0.80 and £1.50 for every year of experience in the industry

Add 5% if you have an A Level/Equivalent OR

10%  if you have a Degree

Add 10% if you have high profile endorsements 

Add 10% to the project total if it is last minute 


3 years after drama school 

Min: [8.72 + (3x 0.8)] + 10% = £12.23

Max: [8.72 + (3x1.5)] +10% = £14.54

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