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Thank you to everyone that has signed up for our November webinars. It’s been more popular than we ever thought – so thank you so much!!


We are planning to host two webinars each month – please click here to fill in a survey on what you would be interested in. Also if you would like to lead a webinar please email us with your experience – you will be paid!


We also want to explain what the money will go towards, as we want to be as transparent as possible. First of all we need to back-pay ourselves for the cost of the website, which is about £100 a year. Then we will be back-paying all the writers that have contributed so far.


If there is any extra, it will go towards the mountain of ideas we have – and trust me there is A LOT. We held a focus group a month or so ago, to chat about the future of the site. So many wonderful ideas came from that. We have already rolled out a venue database where you can search for nearby parking/cobblers/etc Here. And we have collated information on where to buy basics in a range of skin tones here


This is a super exciting time for us – so thank you again for being part of this journey with us.


There is still time to sign up to our November webinars – click below

-       Introduction to Hand Sewing

-       Interpreting a Script

-       Going from Theatre to Film

-       Buy all three sessions here 


See you all soon!


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