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This industry can be tough.

As a general rule costume professionals are underappreciated and underpaid. 


We want to encourage each other, highlight our existence, expose the piss takers, share tips and stories, have a laugh and most importantly start a conversation to hopefully increase awareness of the awesome job we do. 

Get in contact if you have something to say! 

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NB. We run this site around our freelance work so our current 'office hours' are Mondays and Thursdays so if you don't hear from us straight away this is why! 

Harriet is a professional costume, prop and puppet maker based in the UK, she also works on set and backstage. She has been in the industry for 8 years and has worked on everything from regional theatre to Disney's Aladdin and Netflix's The Dark Crystal. She is currently moving into a new workshop to expand her costume and prop making business, this mostly consists of wondering why she owns so many sewing machines and shouting at the 3D printer.

Rachel began her career as a set and costume designer and then began to work more in wardrobe. She has worked as a dresser, wardrobe assistant, wardrobe manager, costume supervisor and occasionally as a costume maker - in various theatres around the country, including on the fringe, West End and UK tours. She recently started writing and producing in her home town of Southend. 

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